Pitfalls at the Blackjack Table

One of the most common weddenschappen blackjack mistakes that a player can make is to increase their bets when the odds aren’t in their favour. The most common time this occurs is when a player is dealt a pair of eights for a total of 16.

In this instance they are left with two options and usually neither is very appealing. If they decide to stick with their online casino hand as it is they have a total of 16 which is usually vulnerable to a loss. Alternatively they can exercise their option to split their hand and increase their bet with the hopes of making two winning hands.

This is often a tempting proposition for players as they assume if they make two sets of 18 or 19 that they will win. Indeed, while this may be true, the reality is that all they are doing is increasing their financial exposure in the hope of turning a mediocre hand into a slightly less mediocre hand.

Indeed, while 18 can be a good total to have, it’s not a score that is invincible. Consider it this way, if you were dealt 18 at the start of a hand and the dealer held an ace, 8, 9 or 10, and they said you could double your bet and still stand, would you take it?

The chances are that you wouldn’t because while it’s a decent hand to be dealt, it’s not one that you’d want to invest more money with. Moreover, it’s not one that has a huge amount of strength if the dealer’s hand is good. This is essentially the same proposition you are being offered when you split a pair of eights.

Becoming a winner at the blackjack table isn’t just about getting lucky and betting at the right times. A successful player will know when to increase their bets and when not to. Just because you are given the option to split your cards it’s not always the most profitable thing to do. Don’t let greed taint your thought process.