How to Win at Casino Slots – Las Vegas Casino Slot Machine Tips

Everyone at some point in time has seen or played on a slot machine, whether you are playing in Las Vegas or a sunny seaside town. Slot machines are considered by many, as bad betting this is because the house has high rates and game play is speedy. There are many myths surrounding slot machine use, most of which are nonsense.

In this article I aim to give you the low down on how these machines play, the truth about slot machine myths and tips on how to get the most out of your game. At present most slot machines are video enabled, so instead of the old school mechanical reels you get video reels. It is possible to still find one or two old school slots to use at casinos, however as times change so does technology. It is common for slots to have multiple pay lines, up to 5 columns and 3 – 4 visible icons on each individual reel. As multiple pay lines are available the chances of winning are increased, although it is likely that you will win a smaller amount than the original bet placed. Slot machines usually have reels that hold up to 50 icons, as they are now video machines the computer of the slots will pick 5 numbers for each reel at random, the numbers refer to positions on the reel. It is this that determines which icons are selected for each spin you take.

Once the final position of the reels has occurred the payout will be calculated and rewarded. If the reels land on specific icons it is possible to trigger a bonus game, or free reel spins, quite often the payout for these bonus games is higher so you can win more. There are many myths surrounding slot machines and pay outs, these myths are nonsense and there is no way of cheating them. All slot machines are programmed to allow a number of different payouts. The rate at which these payouts are given is random so there is no way to predict when a win will occur. Tips to play Vegas slot machines are available on the internet for all, however I will provide you with some basic tips in this article. If you have been issued with your own player card, use them when playing online slots, you will be awarded points by the casino. If you do not use your card how do you expect the casino to know that you are playing, so they can offer you a reward.

It is common knowledge that the “nice” upmarket casinos offer tight slot machines. Always try to use slot machines in a less “nice” casino as they often offer looser payouts. Go for machines that have a simple genre payouts tend to be much looser, those which have a lot of animation and icons often have tight payout rates.

Always make sure you collect all your winnings, there are many people who will watch slot players in the hopes of them leaving credit on the machine or leaving money in the collection dish. When you use a player card, keep checking that you are connected as playing as sometimes the connection can be lost.